StrongBox IT provides your organization with a comprehensive suite of solutions and services that enable your business systems to run smoothly. We achieve this by maintaining our focus on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your IT systems and infrastructure. StrongBox IT introduces Modshield SB, our custom-built and affordable Web Application Firewall (WAF) that protects your web and mobile applications from security threats and comes equipped with premium features that include a built-in load balancer, Data loss protection and analytics. Modshield SB WAF is an easy to implement, plug and play device that is powered by Modsecurity and the OWASP Core Rule Set to protect you from a wide range of threats. Modshield SB is tailor-made to fit all your application security needs. Modshield SB is packed with security features that enable 360-degree protection for your applications and hosting infrastructure. Powered by the OWASP Core Ruleset, Modshield SB provides optimal coverage against OWASP Top 10 threat vectors, automation protection, and protection against credential stuffing attacks. ...