Encrypt Dropbox Securely

You want to encrypt your Dropbox and protect your privacy – and still have all the freedom in how you organize your data? That's where Cryptomator comes in.

With Cryptomator, you can encrypt your cloud storage by creating a vault in Dropbox and putting your files into it. With this extra layer of security, you’ll build an almost insurmountable barrier against attackers – without restricting Dropbox’s file storage and synchronization.

How Cryptomator Secures Your Dropbox Encryption
Cryptomator puts the data in your Dropbox into a “magic” vault. Magical because the entire vault and its contents only appear with the right password – and only to the person with the right password.

When the door to the vault is closed again, the entire vault and its valuable contents disappear again until the next time you open it with the right password.

This means that attackers would not even benefit from drilling through the wall of the vault. Because the vault is empty if the correct password is missing. (For Marvel fans: It works similarly to the portal in Doctor Strange).